Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Introduction

Dear friend,

Let me start off by telling you what provoked me to create this blog. I've long been standing a mute witness to many disturbing things happening around me – moralists wielding their moral staff and making life difficult for us, the many social stigmas we have to face if we want to live our life the way we want, the trapeze jumps we do to build a career, a whole bunch of us with our unique talents going unnoticed… and it bothered me a great deal.

It's time these things are brought out in the open and considered seriously. It's time we voiced our opinions without the fear of being ignored. It's time to realize that experience and not age, sex or creed that determines someone's knowledge about the world. It's time to show the staff-wielding moralists that whatever they are preaching is nothing but hypocrisy. It's time our voices are heard. It's time for fresh thoughts, innovative ideas... a new beginning!

I bet most of you have never given a second thought to so many relevant issues regarding our society, culture, art and our general lifestyle. Have you ever thought about what our film industry needed to get better – A good script? A good producer? Better actors? Do you think we need sex-specific (boys'/girls' schools) educational institutions? Do you feel that our cultural fortresses really secure us? Is Oscar a sham?

I'd agree that these are no new things to apply our brains on. But what we need are newer, fresher thoughts - ideas that drive a nail on your head and make you think more... This blog is exclusively for us, the youth, and an attempt to open our minds to the different sides of a story... to take a look at the bigger picture.

We chose 'Olive Green' to be the colour of our logo as it symbolizes victory (according to the Ancient Greeks). The choice of this colour was made to inspire us to successfully achieve the aim of this blog– Victory over cultural, social and creative stagnations.

If you wish to write...
If you want to know more...
If you wish to express your creative streak...
If you wish to speak out and are looking for a place to make your voice heard...

This is THE place for you. Whatever, however... Just B(log) it!

All you need to do is to send us your contributions and we shall do the rest. It could be a piece of your writing, a striking photograph (the one you took or anything that's unusual and inspiring) or anything and everything that can fulfill our purpose. You can reach us at We may not be able to post all your entries. However, the ones that are worthy in terms of our blog’s theme will surely find a place here.

I request you to subscribe to and become a follower of this 'blog for a cause'. Also, please let your friends know about this space, where life is not defined by age-old rules and moralities but by rational justice and, creative and constructive analysis.